Competiton Fixture List 2017





Mon 3rd - Coronation Cup

W/E 15th/16th - ML Justice Qualifying

W/E 22nd/23rd -Armour Melvin Qualifying

Wed 26th - Vets Spring Cup



Mon 1st - JH Dick Trophy

Tue 2nd - Vets Match away at King James V1

Wed 10th - Eclectic & Summer League starts (20Weeks)

Sat 13th - Club Championship Qualifying Round 1

Sun 14th - Club Championship Qualifying Round 1

Sat 20th - Club Championship Qualifying Round 2

Sun 21st - Club Championship Qualifying Round 2

Wed 24th - Vets Peter Sutherland Trophy

Sun 28th - Strokeplay and Handicap Cup Round 1

Tue 30th - Club Championship Matchplay Round 1



Sun 4th - The Nevada Scramble

Tue 6th - Vets match away at St Michaels

Thu 8th - Consolation Cup Matchplay Round 1

Sun 11th - Shug Winter Trophy & Mark Brand Trophy

Tue 13th - Club Championship Matchplay Quarter Finals

Thu 15th - Consolation Cup Matchplay Quarter Finals

Sun 18th - Isabelle Johnston Trophy & Andy Lowden Trophy

Tue 21st - Club Championship & Consolation Cup Semi Finals

Sun 26th - Strokeplay & Handicap Cup Round 2

Wed 28th - Vets Rosebowl



Sun 2nd - Finals Day

Sat 8th - Caird Park Open

Sun 9th - Vets Willie Ramsay Cup

Sat 15th - Stableford Trophy

Sun 16th - Vets Jackie Black Trophy

Sun 23rd - Trident Trophy

Wed 26th - Vets Wednesday Cup



Sun 6th - Strokeplay and Handicap Cup Round 3

Thu 10th - Caird Park Seniors Open

Sun 13th - Vets Strokeplay Round 3

Tue 15th - Vets match at home to St Michaels

Sun 20th - Kingsway Electrical Trophy

Thu 24th - 49ers Outing

Wed 30th - Vets JP Trophy



Sun 3rd - JC Smith Trophy (4 Man Team)

Sun 10th - Strokeplay and Handicap Cup Round 4

W/E 16th/17th - Dick Trophy

Tue 19th - Vets match at home to King James V1

W/E 23rd/24th - Dickson Medal

Wed 27th - Vets September Cup



Mon 2nd - AW Marshall Shield

Winter League starts mid-October